Also known as: N/A
Biographical Information
Signature Monster(s): Scorpirion
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Yellow
Family: Unknown
Friends: Gia
Enemies: Unknown
Occupation: Redakai Warrior (In Training)
Quote: ""
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Ricardo Hoyos
First appearance: New RedaKai New Warriors

Apex is a member of the newbie team Team Tiro which consists of Gia, Balistar, and Apex himself. Apex's signature monster is Trisquad. He first appears in New Redakai, New Warriors.



Apex has yellow eyes and brown hair that is styled up in the front. He wears a red training uniform, and black training shoes.


Apex is comical, like Boomer, but is often fearful: In New Redakai, New Warriors,  Ky showed Fractus to Team Tiro, which startled Apex. After Ky transformed back into himself again, Apex got startled for a second time. He is not a leader and prefers to follow the team leader instead, much like he usually obeys Gia.

Cards in Apex's Possesion

Monster Cards:

Attack Cards:

Lightning Storm


  • Apex, like Balistar and Gia, liked Boomer the most when Team Stax was being teachers for a day, and when Ky asked why they liked him, Maya replied that Boomer was the "most newbie friendly."


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