Arrival Of The Hiverax
Season 2
Episode Number 3
Preceeded By The Rise Of Zane
Followed By Shadow Ekayon
Arrival Of The Hiverax is the third episode of season 2 in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. The French episode aired on Canal J in France. The English episode aired in Australia early 2013 and January 12th 2013 in the UK.


On a faraway planet, a trio of strange-looking, yet nearly-identical, alien figures get an alert, summoning them to Earth. Meanwhile, Ky, Maya and Boomer discover a Kairu deposit in Africa. As they make their way toward the energy… they suddenly find themselves under attack by what appears to be a brand new E-Teen! But before they can figure out what’s happening, the battle quickly ends with the E-Teen running away. Completely perplexed, Ky, Maya and Boomer press on – and eventually discover a Kairu deposit that has settled in a massive beehive affixed to a canyon wall. Sparkling energy mixed with the honey drips down from above as gigantic bees hover about their creation. But before Team Stax can collect their find, the E-Teen returns -- and this time he isn’t alone. In fact, he is revealed to be three E-Teens… triplets named Vexus, Hexus and Nexus. And as our heroes battle the more-than-capable Team Hiverax, they press the warriors for information. But the Hiverax aren’t about to give away any secrets. As the battle reaches a climax, Team Stax’s eyes nearly pop out of their heads when the three E-Teens combine into one monster – with three heads! Hydrax! Not only do they defeat our heroes, but they seal them in the giant beehive. Our gang is left to escape not only the hive but the angry bees – and left to wonder what in the world is going on? Ky, Maya and Boomer are shocked when a new set of E-Teens, a trio of creepy alien brothers called the Hiverax, appear on the scene.

Characters Seen

Monsters Used


  • This is the first episode to introduce monsters fusing together.
  • Maya is shown to have a melissophopia multiple times throughout the episode.
  • Team Hiverax make their first appearance replacing Team Battacor.


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