Attack Cards are one of the three type of cards in the Redakai Trading Card Game. They show the following information:
  • Cost - The amount of Kairu you must spend to play the Monster in the Advanced Game.
  • Attack Name - The name of the Attack.
  • Attack Color - The color of the Attack shwon behind the name.
  • Damage Zones - Contains a red space to indicate the Attack damaging that Zone. However, in some cases, Attacks may deal no damage, or may deal damage to multiple Zones.
  • Defense Zones - Usually clear on Attacks, but sometimes they will cover up the Zone behind it. Meaning that, the Character the Attack hits, loses whatever defenses were in that Zone.
  • Attack Art - If the art of an Attack covers up a Defense Zone or a Monster Ability, that Defense Zone or Monster Ability is considered to be blank.
  • Attack Power - A number that shows how powerful the Attack is. When an Attack is played against an opponent's Character, compare its Power to the Character's total Defenses that match the color of the Attack. If the Attack Power is higher than the Character's relevant Defense, the Attack hits, and Stacks on top of the Character.
  • Attack Ability - Tells what special Abilities the Attack has, if any, in the Advanced Game.