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Biographical Information
Signature Monster(s): Drudger - Excavator Machine
Gender: Male
Race: Extra-terrestrial humanoid
Age: 15
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Purple
Family: Necunoscută
Friends: Zylus
Enemies: Ky Stax
Occupation: Redakai Warrior
Quote: "That looks like fun. I want some!"
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Dan Petronijevic
First appearance: The Fist of the Colossus

Bash is a member of the Battacor E-Teens in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. He is consider to be the muscle man of the group. His signature monster is Drudger, with its Debris Harvest attack.


Bash made his debut with Zylus and Rynoh in episode 1 - The Fist of the Colossus. He was arm wrestling against Zylus with Rynoh but they both lost when they got distracted. Later, he fought against Gihox and managed to get rid of them but before he and his teammates could obtain the Kairu energy, Team Stax defeated them.

In The Valley of the Banyan The Battacor beat Team Stax in a battle. Zylus drains the energy from the kairu energy and gets a Tractor Blast attack. Bash and Rynoh do not get any. The Battacor then appear before Lokar because they want to battle Team Stax and get some more Kairu. Lokar assign the three to a task. Later Mookee issues a Kairu challenge (Team Stax joins him) to the Battacor. Again, they lose the battle- but this time it was because of Mookee's clumsiness. The Battacor then go looking for a relic. Bash notices on his X-reader that a huge tree is indeed the relic they are looking for. The Battacor try to use their inner kairu to get the energy from the tree but, they can't seem to do it. Bash mentions the tree was tougher than most of the warriors that they fight. Team Stax catches up with the Battacor eventually and then finally win a Kairu challenge against them. They then drain the energy.

He appeared again in The Kairu that Time Forgot.

He also appeared in Black Kairu Gold Metanoid.

He appeared in Battacor Blood.

He also appeared in Farm Boy Boomer.

Cards in Bash's Possession

Monster Cards

Attack Cards

  • Lightning Strike
  • Anti-Matter Sword
  • Beserker


  • Bash seems to be the dumbest member of the Batticor E-Teens.
  • Bash has been described to act like a 'locomotive'.
  • The voice actor Dan Petronijevic voices both Bash and Boomer.
  • Bash's monster,Drudger looks like BulkHead from the Transformers series


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