Battle Of The Hiverax
Season 2
Episode Number 23
Preceeded By Elimination Island
Followed By The Spreading Of The Shadow
Battle Of The Hiverax is the 23rd episode of season 2 in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It was first shown (in French) on Canal J sometime in 2013.


Master Boaddai sends Team Stax on a mission to retrieve kairu. They find a kairu infused mushroom. When Boomer thinks all is well, he is wrong. Team Hiverax appear and also want the kairu energy. Team Stax and Team Hiverax have a kairu challenge for the kairu. The kairu infused mushroom gets hit by Vexus's dark earth attack and is hurled into a running stream. Vexus and Nexus dive into the water after it, leaving Hexus behind. Ky tries to jump into the water as well, but Hexus blocks him from doing so. Maya throws a lightning storm attack at Hexus and knocks him out.

Hexus's eyes open and glow red. Team Stax are confused by this, they think he is hurt so they bring him on the X-Scaper. Meanwhile, Nexus and Vexus burst out of the water with the mushroom. They try to use telepathy to Hexus, but they cannot get through to him.

Hexus's eyes are still glowing red, and Team Stax lays him on a mat in the X-Scaper. Mookee is freaked out by this and he suggests they take him to Master Boaddai. Once the X-scaper is flying and everyone has left Hexus alone on the mat, he awakes. He lifts his head slightly and is shocked to find out where he is. He lays his head back down and uses telepathy to communicate with his brothers. Nexus and Vexus are happy to hear his voice and Hexus tells them where he is. Hexus has an idea to trick Team Stax into thinking he is a good guy, and explains this plan to Nexus and Vexus.

Hexus gets up from his mat and this frightens Mookee, so he calls out for help. Ky, Maya and Boomer come rushing to Mookee's aid. Hexus thanks Team Stax for taking him in. Team Stax and Hexus chat and he tries to persuade them that he is just another E teen, but team Stax are not quite convinced.

Hexus lies back down and makes the X-Scaper malfunction, the ship then collapses and is close to a kairu deposit. Hexus tags alongside Team Stax to try and find the kairu. They come to realize Nexus and Vexus planted the same kairu they won earlier and Hexus is reunited with his brothers. They transform into Hydrax and defeat Team Stax. However, they forget about the kairu and leave it behind.

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  • This episode reveals that the Hiverax can make technology malfunction - such as Mookee's ship.


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