Nuzamaki90 Nuzamaki90 17 May 2011

Things To Come...

Thanks to Abce2 for permission - We now have the Wiki's 14 Policies. All 14 are borrowed from Bakugan Wikia and aren't officially done yet but I'm still working on them.

The next thing I'm gonna be working on is the Badges. I don't like the main pictures for the Badges so I'll try to find some pictures related to Redakai to make the badges.

More coming soon...

Reach for the stars 22:30, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

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Abce2 Abce2 17 May 2011


"The show follows Team Stax, a team of three warriors learning to master Kairu, a powerful energy source that can be harnessed to unleash super-powered attacks. During their most intense battles, Kairu warriors can actually transform into huge monsters, super-charging their attacks and defenses. The greatest masters of Kairu are the Redakai, a group dedicated to teaching young warriors how to use their powers for good."

That is from one of the articles by RedakaiToby. So the main characters are trying to become masters of Kairu, and masters of Kairu are referred to as Redakai. It does not say that the monsters are the Redakai, so I think it's more that once you become great with Kairu you earn the title of Redakai.

Abce2|Diggy diggy hole" 00:…

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Nuzamaki90 Nuzamaki90 15 May 2011

Defense Zones

Should the Defense Zones be added to the Mmonster, Chracter and Redakai templates? Reach for the stars 04:28, May 15, 2011 (UTC)

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Abce2 Abce2 14 May 2011

Ok, so

The Wikia's new, that's good. But how are we going to do pages? Each card? We're probably going to make pages for each monster, correct? Let's discuss. Abce2|Diggy diggy hole" 21:55, May 14, 2011 (UTC)

Just a page for the monster, and sections for varients
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