Combine & Conquer is the name of Redakai's second expansion. It was scheduled to be released in all territories during the first quarter of 2012, however it was only distributed in Italy.

The Italian version of Redakai received Combine & Conquer X-Readers and 5 card booster packs.



  • Cards from the Comixology comics make an appearance.
  • Pack Arts featured Metanoid - Solar Plasma, Lionere and Bruticon - Gold Destroyer.
  • Some new Character cards were added.
  • Introduced the Fury keyword which is active while your hand contains two or less cards.
  • Introduced the Combo Attack mechanic which lets you play two Attacks at the same time for an alternative cost.
  • Combine & Conquer "First Series" includes 3 Combine & Conquer commons, 1 Combine & Conquer Rare or Super Rare, and one reprint from either Premiere Set, Promo, Gold Pack or MetaCharged.
  • Reprinted villain Character Cards got their affiliation logo changed to that of their team rather than the Battacor because Character descriptions are no longer the name of the team they belong to. French Edition Redakai also fixed this misprint.
  • Introduced Attacks with effects involving more than one keyword.
  • Cards no longer say 'Redakai Conquer the Kairu' on the back, just 'Redakai'

Sets Contents

Monster Cards 

Name Rarity Code
Metanoid - Lokar's Bane Super Rare 3-MON-2005
Chemaster - Gold Animal Super Rare 3-MON-2035
Harrier - Blue Animal Rare 3-MON-2043
Infinita - Fire Red Flames Rare 3-MON-2056
Bruticon - The Destroyer Rare 3-MON-2066
Bruticon - Gold Destroyer Super Rare 3-MON-2067
Gran-ite - Red Elemental Common 3-MON-2091
Gran-ite - Green Elemental Common 3-MON-2093
Slab - Green Elemental Common 3-MON-2125
Drudger - Blue Machine Common 3-MON-2133
Spykor - Red Machine Common 3-MON-2142
Scorpirion - Blue Animal Common 3-MON-2153
Scorpirion - Red Scorpion Common 3-MON-2157
Scarachnoz - Red Animal Common 3-MON-2162
Zytron - Amphibian Alien Common 3-MON-2190
Zytron - Blue Animal Common 3-MON-2193
Ocelot - Ocelot Animal Common 3-MON-2325
Silverbaxx - Green Animal Common 3-MON-2333
Warnet - Green Animal Common 3-MON-2344
Sproketz - Electric Machine Common 3-MON-2360
Dragus - Komodo Terror Common 3-MON-2391
Dragus - Blue Animal Rare 3-MON-2393
Dragus - Gold Animal Super Rare 3-MON-2395
Gorose - Red Animal Rare 3-MON-2402
Gorose - Green Animal Rare 3-MON-2404
Spindrax - Red Elemental Rare 3-MON-2412
Spindrax - Green Elemental Rare 3-MON-2414

Promo Monsters

Name Rarity Code Product
Metanoid - X-Drive Metanoid Rare 3-MON-2007-GL Metanoid Figurine
Chemaster - X-Drive Chemaster Rare 3-MON-2034-GL Chemaster Figurine
Knight Asp - X-Drive Knight Asp Rare 3-MON-2114-GL Knight-Asp Figurine
Trisquad - X-Drive Trisquad Rare 3-MON-2203-GL Trisquad Figurine
Armorite - Cannonite Rare 3-MON-2083 Battlefield

Character Cards

Name Rarity Code
Ky - Kairu Champion Common 3-CHA-1014
Boomer - Stax Powerhouse Common 3-CHA-1015
Maya - Kairu Sensor Common 3-CHA-1016
Zane - Lust for Power Common 3-CHA-1018
Teeny - Diara's Sister Common 3-CHA-1019

Attack Cards

Red Attacks

Name Rarity Code
Momentum Unleashed Common 3-ATT-3322
Photon Frenzy Common 3-ATT-3323
Mighty Slap Common 3-ATT-3324
Burning Destroyer Common 3-ATT-3325
Seismic Impulse Common 3-ATT-3326
Magma Launch Rare 3-ATT-3327
Axes Burst Rare 3-ATT-3339
Acid Explosion Rare 3-ATT-3340
Energy Claw Rare 3-ATT-3341
Evil Roar Common 3-ATT-3342
Venom Strike Rare 3-ATT-3343
Debris Expulsion Rare 3-ATT-3344
Strident Mount Rare 3-ATT-3345
Kairu Barrage Super Rare 3-ATT-3346
Plasma Hammer Super Rare 3-ATT-3350
Stone Squeeze Super Rare 3-ATT-3351
Battacor Hammer Common 3-ATT-3352
Anti-Matter Vortex Super Rare 3-ATT-3353
Siesta Common 3-ATT-3385
Initial Salvo Common 3-ATT-3388

Green Attacks

Name Rarity Code
Sonic Cut Common 3-ATT-3312
Prickly Arrow Common 3-ATT-3313
Agile Blow Common 3-ATT-3314
Smoked Spinning Common 3-ATT-3315
Snowstorm Common 3-ATT-3316
Shocking Spear Common 3-ATT-3317
Sudden Hurricane Common 3-ATT-3318
Rapid Kickback Common 3-ATT-3319
Ice Kick Common 3-ATT-3320
Fire Flight Common 3-ATT-3321
Lightning Trap Common 3-ATT-3329
Insect Swarm Common 3-ATT-3330
Ninja Slash Rare 3-ATT-3334
Sharp Blade Rare 3-ATT-3335
Sudden Attack Rare 3-ATT-3336
Boomerang Rare 3-ATT-3337
Slashing Eruption Rare 3-ATT-3338
Magnetic Rays Super Rare 3-ATT-3349
Regenerative Explosion Common 3-ATT-3387

Blue Attacks

Name Rarity Code
Insidious Mist Common 3-ATT-3300
Mental Manipulation Common 3-ATT-3301
Thought Quake Common 3-ATT-3302
Memory Sieve Rare 3-ATT-3303
Foam Cannon Common 3-ATT-3304
Will-Destroyer Rare 3-ATT-3305
Telekinetic Lightning Common 3-ATT-3306
Matter-Destroyer Common 3-ATT-3307
Meditative Blow Common 3-ATT-3308
Spectral Bears Common 3-ATT-3309
Sensorial Fog Common 3-ATT-3310
Deceptive Rays Common 3-ATT-3311
Absolute Frost Common 3-ATT-3328
Pain Transfer Rare 3-ATT-3331
Erosive Slime Rare 3-ATT-3332
Desperate Explosion Rare 3-ATT-3333
Cranial Signal Super Rare 3-ATT-3347
Psychic Rage Super Rare 3-ATT-3348
Disorientating Mist Common 3-ATT-3384
Sensorial Scrambling Common 3-ATT-3386

Promo Attacks

Name Rarity Code Product
Firuption Rare 3-ATT-3378 Redakombat Set

Premiere Set Reprints

Name Rarity Code
Koz - Imperiaz Rare 1-CHA-1006
Princess Diara - Imperiaz Rare 1-CHA-1008
Zylus - Battacor Rare 1-CHA-1009
Bash - Battacor Rare 1-CHA-1010
Rynoh - Battacor Rare 1-CHA-1011
Froztok - Blue Elemental Rare 1-MON-2022
Froztok - Green Elemental Rare 1-MON-2024
Chemaster - Blue Animal Rare 1-MON-2033
Harrier - Eagle Animal Rare 1-MON-2041
Harrier - Gold Animal Super Rare 1-MON-2045
Drudger - Excavator Machine Rare 1-MON-2131
Scorpirion - Scorpion Animal Common (Short Print) 1-MON-2154
Star Smash Rare 1-ATT-3023
Banshee Scream Rare 1-ATT-3029
Laser Sting Rare 1-ATT-3058
Venom Blast Rare 1-ATT-3064
Berserker Rare 1-ATT-3070
Nightmare Rare 1-ATT-3075
Shadow Punch Super Rare 1-ATT-3078
Sonic Charge Rare 1-ATT-3085
Sonic Slap Rare 1-ATT-3110
Lokar's Shadow Super Rare 1-ATT-3114

Gold Pack Reprints

Name Rarity Code
Fractus - Red Elemental Rare 1.5-MON-2352
Riptide - Green Elemental Rare 1.5-MON-2374
Doombringer Rare 1.5-ATT-3154
Reflected Glory Rare 1.5-ATT-3156
Blackhole Super Rare 1.5-ATT-3157
Cascading Vertigo Rare 1.5-ATT-3162
Shadow Cover Rare 1.5-ATT-3164

MetaCharged Reprints

Name Rarity Code
Metanoid - Red Machine Rare 2-MON-2002
Froztok - Gold Elemental Super Rare 2-MON-2020
Grendel - Blue Animal Rare 2-MON-2303
Ocelot - Blue Animal Rare 2-MON-2323
Silverbaxx - Super Ape Rare 2-MON-2331
Fractus - Gold Elemental Super Rare 2-MON-2350
Shadow Kick Super Rare 2-ATT-3235
Titan Punch Rare 2-ATT-3253



Gorose - Green Animal

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