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*Metanoid - Platinum Machine (never released)
*Metanoid - Platinum Machine (never released)
*Scorpirion - Blue Animal
*Scorpirion - Blue Animal
*Scorpirion - Red Animal
*Spykor - Red Machine
*Zytron - Blue Animal
*Zytron - Blue Animal
*Gorose - Green Animal
*Gorose - Green Animal

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Combine & Conquer is the name of Redakai's second expansion. (The third set) It was scheduled to be released during the first quarter of 2012, however it was never released and the game is now discontinued.

The Italian version of Redakai received Combine & Conquer X-Readers and 5 card booster packs.


  • This set had new art for character cards.
  • The characters had new defense zones.
  • This set had monster cards with a new ability similar to combination or fusion.
  • Ekayon was planned to be an upcoming character for this set.
  • The only card released from this set was Blue Armorite. It was an exclusive card that came with a white battlefield.

Upcoming Cards

Monster Cards 

  • Armorite - Cannonite (released)
  • Metanoid - Platinum Machine (never released)
  • Scorpirion - Blue Animal
  • Scorpirion - Red Animal
  • Spykor - Red Machine
  • Zytron - Blue Animal
  • Gorose - Green Animal
  • Scarachnoz - Red Animal
  • Ocelot - Ocelot Animal

Attack Cards (Never Released)

  • Kairu Barrage
  • Anti-Matter Vortex
  • Insect Swarm
  • Scatter Burst
  • Photon Frenzy
  • Thought Quake



Gorose - Green Animal

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