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*Burning Destroyer
*Burning Destroyer
*Seismic Impulse
*Seismic Impulse
*Intial Salvo
*Initial Salvo
*Photonic Frenzy
*Photonic Frenzy

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Combine & Conquer is the name of Redakai's second expansion. (The third set) It was scheduled to be released during the first quarter of 2012, however it was never released and the game is now discontinued.

The Italian version of Redakai received Combine & Conquer X-Readers and 5 card booster packs.


  • This set had new art and subtitles for character cards.
  • Pack Arts featured Metanoid, Lionere and Gold Bruticon
  • The original characters had new defense zones and abilities.
  • This set had monster cards with a new ability similar to combination or fusion. although so far there is no evidence of this from the packs samples.
  • Introduced the FURY keyword
  • Ekayon was planned to be an upcoming character for this set.
  • The only card released from this set was Blue Armorite. It was an exclusive card that came with a white battlefield.
  • Combine & Conquer "First Series" includes 3 Combine & Conquer commons, 1 Combine & Conquer Rare or Super Rare, and one reprint from either Premiere Set, Gold Pack or MetaCharged.
  • Introduced Attacks that partially damage a Health Zone
  • Cards no longer say 'Redakai Conquer the Kairu' on the back, just 'Redakai'

Upcoming Cards

Monster Cards 

Character Cards

  • Ky - Kairu Champion
  • Boomer - Stax Powerhouse

Attack Cards

  • Kairu Barrage
  • Anti-Matter Vortex
  • Insect Swarm
  • Scatter Burst
  • Photon Frenzy
  • Thought Quake
  • Quick Backlash
  • Debris Explosion
  • Acid Explosion
  • Gust of Axes
  • Sensorial Scrambling
  • Ghost Bears
  • Absolute Frost
  • Sensorial Mist
  • Destruction-matter
  • Insidious Mist
  • Misleading Radius
  • Regenerative Explosion
  • Lightning Trap
  • Swarm of Insects
  • Pungent Bolt
  • Sudden Hurricane
  • Ball of Ice
  • Agile Strike
  • Shocking Spear
  • Smoked Screwing
  • Burning Destroyer
  • Seismic Impulse
  • Initial Salvo
  • Photonic Frenzy


  • Metanoid - Red Machine
  • Ocelot - Blue Animal
  • Fractus - Red Elemental
  • Froztok - Blue Elemental
  • Zylus - Battacor
  • Bash - Battacor
  • Rynoh - Battacor
  • Princess Diara - Imperiaz
  • Sonic Slap
  • Laser Sting
  • Nightmare
  • Refectled Glory



Gorose - Green Animal

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