Elimination Island
Elimination island
Season 2
Episode Number 22
Preceeded By The Power Of The Imperiaz
Followed By Battle Of The Hiverax
Elimination Island is the 22nd episode of season 2 in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It was first shown (in French) on Canal J sometime in 2013.


More determined than ever to take out Team Radikor and once again become Lokar’s top dogs, the Hiverax E-Teens lure Zane, Zair and Techris to a mysterious, uncharted island (the same island from season 1) with a planted stash of Kairu energy. And when the Radikor arrive there, they quickly discover that their alien X-Readers aren’t working properly (thanks to the island’s strange electrical pull). And though the Radikor are irked by their malfunctioning equipment, they’re even more upset when they discover that the Hiverax attracted them to the island on purpose – in order to hunt them down and eliminate them! And to complicate matters further, Team Stax, following the same Kairu that the Hiverax planted to lure the Radikor, end up on the island as well – also with malfunctioning gear. And when our heroes become separated from one another after an assault by Hexus, Vexus and Nexus, they suddenly find themselves teaming up with their enemies (Ky with Zair; Maya with Zane; and Boomer with Techris) in an attempt to defeat their common foes and escape the island. But can their newfound alliance last long enough for them to make it home in one piece? When the gang returns to the same island and find their gear malfunctioning, they must team up with the Radikor in order to defeat the Hiverax… and survive!

Characters Seen

Monsters Used


  • This is the second time Team Stax has been on The Island.
  • According to IMDB and UK TV schedules this episode was origianlly titled "Island of the Hiverax".
  • This is the second episode showing Team Stax and Team Radikor working together to defeate the Hiverax.
  • When the metal attached itself to Boomer it resembled a samurai suit.
  • After Zair chooses the monster Grappler its markings become blue instead of green.


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