Also known as: N/A
Biographical Information
Signature Monster(s): Wrendax
Gender: Male
Race: Cyborg/Robot
Age: Unknown
Hair color: Dark Blue
Eye color: Red
Family: Vexus (brother)
Nexus (brother)
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: Ky Stax
Occupation: Redakai Warrior
Quote: "When will you learn?"
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Kevin Dennis
First appearance: Arrival Of The Hiverax


Hexus made his first appearance with his brothers in Arrival Of The Hiverax. The episode opens with the Hiverax brothers on what appears to be a a different planet. They demonstrate their powers by creating a tornado. They use telepathy to talk to each other. Later Vexus (alone) attacks Team Stax to show them that he is a threat. Vexus uses dark earth that makes it so Team Stax can't move. Vexus then teleports away, leaving Team Stax stuck. Eventually Team Stax frees themselves and challenges the Hiverax brothers to a Kairu Challenge. Hexus, Vexus and Nexus fuse into a Monster called "Hydrax" and beat Team Stax in the challenge. The Hiverax take the kairu then report back to their master.

The Hiverax second appearance was in Discovery of The Kairu Cube. In the beginning of the episode, Zane and Ky have a Kairu Showdown with Zane being the victor. Zane then figures out how to use his new monster, Bruteron, with the new energy he obtained. Team Stax report back to Master Boaddai empty handed and are sent on another mission. Team Stax comes across the kairu cube on their next mission and run into the Hiverax, who take the kairu cube from them. Eventually, Team Stax win back the kairu cube and report back to Master Baoddai.

In Vision of Catastrophe Maya see the Hiverax in a vision. In her vision, the Hiverax present Master Lokar with some kairu energy. For the time being, Maya decides to keep the vision to herself. Team Stax embark on a quest to find kairu when they spot the Hiverax. Team Stax agree to stay hidden when Zane appears. Hexus uses an infernal strike attack against Zane before issuing a kairu challenge, to which Zane replies that it's his kind of low move to throw attacks outside of battle. Team Stax (still hidden) puzzle together that Zane and Team Hiverax are not working on the same side. Zane uses a Radikor Rage attack, but Hexus teleports infront of the attack, absorbing the energy. Eventually the Hiverax send Zane packing with a combined attack suggested by Nexus, Dark Fire, which is a mixture of Shadow Fire and Dark Earth. Zane lets the Hiverax know that the battle isn't over between them. The Hiverax collect the kairu and then disappear to their cave, where they have been reporting to Master Lokar. Maya's vision of the Hiverax comes true. Lokar senses that Team Stax is inside the cave and give the Hiverax a kairu orb that is used in Shadow Of The Shadow. The Hiverax go easy on Team Stax and let them win the orb on purpose. The Hiverax trust that their Master will be please to know that the real kairu deposits are untouched, which are massive kairu deposits underground.

Team Hiverax make another appearance in Darkness Rises. Lokar gives the Hiverax a mission to capture and bring Zane to him. He hands them shadow kairu and the Hiverax place it as a trap to lure Zane to them. Team Stax "sticks their noses where they don't belong" and detect the shadow kairu. Hexus, Nexus and Vexus then have to battle Team Stax. Zane appears and tries to sneak off with the kairu, Vexus notices Zane and Hexus suggests that they end the battle with Team Stax so they can focus on bringing Zane to Lokar. Vexus uses a Dark Earth attack on Team Stax so they cannot move. While this is happening Zane moves forward-- alone, so he can sneak off with the kairu. The Hiverax knock him out with their psychic powers and bring Zane to Lokar. The brothers know what Lokar has in store for Zane and they think the scenario will be amusing. Using their psychic powers, they bring Zane back to consciousness. He questions the Hiverax and informs them that what they've done is against the Kairu code. Lokar appears, and to everyone’s shock, he is still alive. Lokar takes his X-reader back from Zane and lets the Hiverax know he doesn't want to see his former warrior. Once more, they Hiverax knock Zane out. At the end of the episode we see Team Hiverax abandon Zane in a snowy landscape. They laugh, disappear, and Zane has no idea where he is.

Cards In Hexus's Possession

Monster Cards

Attack Cards



  • Hexus cannot be effected by red attacks. (ex. Plasma Sword)
  • Hexus's voice actor is Kevin Dennis. He also voices Vexus and Nexus.
  • The Hiverax brothers can fuse their monsters into one big monster called "Hydrax"
  • The Hiverax brothers can use telepathy to talk to each other.
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