The Hiverax are a group of E-Teens that show up in Season 2 of Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. They also make an appearance in the graphic novel.



Attacks: Shadow Fire, Oblivion Blast, Infernal Strike, Dark Earth, Laser Claw, Lightning Blade, Blister Mist. Terror eyes, Lokar's Void, Nightfall, Confusion Spiral.


  • Before season 2 aired, the first image of Team Hiverax appeared from a comic con poster which promoted the first English graphic novels by Viz.
  • The Hiverax are the first team to fuse into a monster (Hydrax)
  • The Hiverax cannot be hurt by the colour attacks that match their eyes or their logos.
  • The Hiverax are the second team who all three members are related, first being the Imperiaz, and the first team to be triplets.
  • They were disabled in The End Of The Shadow Part II.
  • They are robots created by Lokar.
  • In the Portuguese dub, The Hiverax are voiced by 3 different actors. Most dubs for Redakai have the same person voicing the triplets.
  • they have the same strength as Zylus


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