Kairu Symbol

Kairu is the primal power of the universe. It is a primordial, subatomic energy source that is used by warriors in order to transform into powerful monsters. Warriors using Kairu can gain incredible strength, lightning-fast speed, and superhuman powers. The most powerful Kairu warriors join the ranks of the Redakai, a force dedicated to protecting the galaxy from those who would abuse the power of Kairu.



Kairu attracts certain molecules together allowing untapped energy to move from one place to another. Kairu Masters have discovered techniques to control Kairu in their own bodies, harmonizing it with the Kairu in their surroundings. With this, they can create enormous surges of pure energy. By controlling their minds and bodies, they can create elemental energies and use them to attack, defend, and transform into Monsters, physical manifestations of unimaginable power.



  • Kairu is similar to Mana from the TCG, Magic: The Gathering in how they are used and they gain one each turn.
  • There is a dark variation of Kairu known as Shadow Kairu, created and used by Lokar himself.
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