Kairu Feud
Season 2
Episode Number 16
Preceeded By Leviathan's Wrath
Followed By Plot Of The Imperiaz
Kairu Feud is the sixthteenth episode of season 2 in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It was first shown (in French) on Canal J sometime in 2013. It aired in the UK on April 14th 2013 at Cartoon Network and aired on Thursday 4th July 2013 on CITV.


On the X-Scaper, Maya yells in frustration from the bathroom, angry that someone has been using her special mud mask. Simultaneously, Boomer is angry that someone has been playing his favorite video game and has erased his progress. Maya and Boomer lock horns, each blaming the other for messing with their stuff. Luckily, the situation is temporarily diffused by a Kairu alert. As Team Stax arrives at the location, they discover a large wall in the woods made of twisted vines and high-tech materials. Then they suddenly find themselves under fire from all manner of projectiles – rocks, sticks, lasers etc! Seeking any sort of refuge, Ky, Maya and Boomer scramble over the wall, tripping an alarm. And as they land on the opposite side, they discover they are in a completely different terrain – sunny, bright, and lush. Unfortunately, they find themselves surrounded by a new set of hostile people who also think they are intruders. What the Team ultimately discovers is that the village and the people used to be one, but then became divided when shadow Kairu arrived on the scene. But as they search for the energy that’s responsible for dividing the village, our heroes also encounter the Hiverax. Team Stax, with the help of the villagers, must fight the Hiverax and run them off -- as well as drain the shadow Kairu from the area. In the end, with the wall destroyed and the villagers reunited, Maya and Boomer also learn a valuable lesson about friendship and decide to bury the hatchet. When shadow Kairu causes villagers to battle one another, it’s up to Team Stax to rid the area of the conflict-causing Kairu. While on their way back to the X-Scaper, Maya and Boomer found out that Mookee was the one who was using Maya's mud mask and playing on Boomer's video game and also erasing his saved progress which causes them to argue again.

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