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Also known as: Koz
Biographical Information
Signature Monster(s): Ocelot
Gender: Male
Race: Extra-terrestrial humanoid
Age: 16
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Orange
Family: Princess Diara (Sister)
Teeny (Sister)
King Imperiaz (Father)
Queen Imperiaz (Mother)
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: Ky Stax
Occupation: Redakai Warrior
Quote: "I was barely trying. Now I am!"
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Jeff Margolis
First appearance: The Guardian of the Souls

Koz is oldest of the Imperiaz siblings and the most level-headed of the bunch. As the teams strategist and planner, Koz is the one who does most of Princess Diara's thinking for her (though she takes the credit). He is strong and powerful, but, like his siblings, a serious warrior for Lokar and his forces.

Koz's signature monster is Ocelot, with its Slashing Claws attack.


Koz made his first appearance in The Guardian of the Souls. He tricked Ky with a Mirage attack, causing him to get removed from Team Stax. However, Ky was able to return and used a Truth Teller attack on he and his sisters, which caused him to tell that he tricked Ky.

He appeared again in The Mask of Fire, where he and his siblings went to Costa Rica but ended up losing to Team Stax and not getting the Kairu.

He also appeared in The Chalice.

He also appeared in Tournament of Champions, where he and his team defeated Team Stax. But later, he and Teeny cheered on Diara but she ended up losing.

He also appeared in The Island.

He appeared again in The RedaKai

He made another appearance in The New Warrior. Koz and his siblings kidnapped Ekayon to try and get kairu out of him.


Princess Diara

Koz seems to get really annoyed by his sister Diara's tactics and attitude, but does care about her.


Koz appears to get along Teeny better than Diara, due to their similar presonalities.

Cards in Koz's Possession

Monster Cards

Attack Cards


  • He first used his signature attack in the episode The New Warrior
  • Koz's voice actor, Jeff Margolis, also voices Techris.
  • Koz first used a different monster other than Ocelot in The Kairu Vessel when he transformed into Scarachnoz.
  • Koz, Teeny and Diara are the only E-Teens that have confirmed ages by the creators. This was discovered in a Redakai pitch book.


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