Leviathan's Wrath
Season 2
Episode Number 15
Preceeded By Tournament Of The Kairu Cube
Followed By Kairu Feud
Leviathan's Wrath is the fifteenth episode of season 2 in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It was first shown (in French) on Canal J sometime in 2013. It aired April 13th 2013 on Cartoon Network and aired on 3rd July 2013 on CITV in the UK.


It is post-tournament and a despondent Ky, Maya, Boomer and Baoddai are not only shocked by the outcome of their last battles, but they’re upset that Lokar now has Baoddai’s dragon in his possession. Suddenly, they are alerted to the existence of a new Kairu deposit. While Mookee hangs back to tend to the weakened Master B, Ky, Maya and Boomer head out on a quest. As our heroes hone in on the Kairu, they soon find themselves heading for Alaska once again. Excited that they might get to see Nanuq and K’eyush while they’re there, they head toward their village. But when they arrive, they soon discover that the village has been completely abandoned. What’s more – Maya senses the presence of shadow Kairu nearby… right before the gang is attacked by an unseen creature. When they eventually make their way to safety, they find Nanuq and K’eyush – along with the other villagers – in hiding. Though their old friends are happy to see them, they’re extremely worried about the dark creature that’s stalking them. But before they can figure out what’s happening, Team Radikor arrive on the scene. As both teams continue to track the energy, they soon discover that it is contained within a giant squid who’s somehow become infused with shadow Kairu! Not only must our heroes fight off the E-Teens, but they must save Nanuq, K’eyush, and the village itself from being destroyed by the erratic animal! A giant shadow Kairu-infused squid terrorizes an Inuit village… as well as old friends of Team Stax.

Characters Seen

Monsters Used


  • According to IMDB and UK TV schedules this episode was originally titled "Return To Alaska"
  • The Imperiaz and Hiverax made a cameo in this episode.
  • The Leviathan was the main antagonist in this episode.


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