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Biographical Information
Signature Monster(s): Draqular
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Hair color: Dark Blue
Eye color: Gold
Family: Maya (Granddaughter)
Ellotoys (Lover)
Laenna (Daughter)
Friends: N/A
Enemies: Ky Stax
Master Boaddai
Connor Stax
Occupation: Kairu Master
Quote: "Silence!"
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Jamie Watson
First appearance: Maya Goes Bad

Lokar is the main antagonist in the television series, Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. He is an absolute evil entity and has made claims to be Maya's Grandfather. On his arm is the Mark of the Dark Master, which is the same mark on Maya's Face.


Lokar is the master of evil in the Redakai universe, and the main enemy of the Redakai and Team Stax.

Lokar and Master Boaddai trained together as young Kairu warriors, and Lokar proved from the beginning to be skilled and intelligent in the ways of Kairu. But instead of using his powers for good, he decided to use the Kairu energy for his own gain, allowing him to become a powerful and destructive force, by sacrificing his soul to create Shadow Kairu, which lead to him getting kicked out of the redakai. Lokar has assembled a motley crew of E-Teen warriors to do his dirty work, and he will stop at nothing to collect the Kairu for his own twisted ends, an objective that could prove to be disastrous to Earth and the entire universe.


Lokar is cunning, intelligent, and the mastermind of most of the evil in the series. Despite this he is not above praising an opponent or those who annoy him when they impress him or do something that makes him strong, and has a great and up most respect for the Kairu Code to the point of being more angry at someone breaking the code than anything else.

Lokar seems to hold his subordinates in little regard. He showed annoyance that the Battacors had entered his presence, and sent the Radikors to their doom, and even kidnapped the Imperiaz's parents. Lokar also sees his flunkies as expandable and will gladly sacrifice them for his own goals, but still holds high expectations for them and seems to at least want them to a certain extent to succeed in becoming Kairu Warriors. Lokar also wants Maya on his side for reasons unknown (he has claimed to be her grandfather) and is willing to go to great lengths to get it to happen, such as black-mail, or even mind control.

Lokar may not have always been so bent and twisted in his evil ways as in the graphic novels it is shown that he genuinely loved his family.


Lokar made his first appearance in Maya Goes Bad. He gave Zane Lokar's Shadow and told him to do with it as instructed as he vanished into the shadows. He appeared again when the Radikors brought Maya to him. He was extremely pleased and made Maya the leader of the Radikors and sent them to the Middle East to get the Kairu there. When the Radikors, minus Maya, returned to him, he was displeased that they lost out on both the Kairu and Maya, he said it was of little importance and that he still has big plans for Maya.

In The Cataclysm Stone, he appeared again, giving orders to the Radikor E-Teens to protect the Cataclysm Stone at all costs.

In The Valley of the Banyan, he appeared before the Battacor E-Teens telling them to find a large Kairu deposit of an unusual nature. He also spoke that if the Battacors did not complete this mission, there would be severe consequences.

In The Mask of Fire, he appeared before the Imperiaz E-Teens, telling them of the Kairu desposit and threatening them with their parent's fate if they did not get it.

In Neptune's Reef, he was seen in his lair cock sucking the Radikors for not obtaining the Kairu but was even more upset for disrespecting the Kairu code. He then banned them from their quest until further notice.

In Black Kairu Gold Metanoid, he set a trap for Master Boaddai and managed to capture him. He later battle Ky as Gold Metanoid and was winning but Ky managed to defeat him but he survived and vowed to destroy Ky.

In Clash of the Kairu Warriors (both part 1 & 2) Lokar was present in the audience watching his E-Teens and Maya battle. Prior to the match up Maya notices that Lokar has the Mark of the Dark Master on his arm, and he later confronts her saying he is her grandfather and that Boddai was fully aware of this fact. Lokar watches he E-Teens battle and is angry that in the semi-finals only Zane managed to make it and that Zair had broken the Kairu Code, Again. During these rounds Lokar started to manipulate Maya's mind and make her attack defeating her opponent and then started to fight roughly against Ky. Despite Lokar's interference Ky wins the tournament and Lokar escapes with his E-Teens.



Lokar cares little about his flunkies and is willing to kill them himself if they get in his way.

Lokar seems to hold expectations from the Imperiads and Radikors but finds the Battacors to be an annoyance at best, he recruited them for unknown reasons. However after the events of Black Kairu, Gold Metanoid he seems to hold them in higher regard. When the Battacors lost to Ky, Maya, and Boomer in Clash of the Kairu Warriors (part 1) he told them that "they were a waste of his time." and to "leave his sight and never return."

Lokar's expectations to the Radikors were once high, as he assigned them personal to many tasks, however once they broke the Kairu Code Lokar barred them from their quest and punished them, the details of this punishment are unknown

the Imperiads were recruited by Lokar after he kidnapped their parents, the Imperiads are somewhat scared of Lokar. Lokar seems to hold expectations for them.


Lokar has a personal interest in Maya and has gone to great lengths to get her on his side from mindcontrol ("Maya Goes Bad") to blackmailing ("Black Kairu Gold Metanoid") Maya recently had a vision about joining with Lokar for reasons unknown. ("Kairu Visions") Lokar told Maya that he was her grandfather. ("Clash of the Kairu Warriors: Part 1")

Connor Stax

Lokar is the one responsible for the disappearance of Connor Stax , Connor Stax also stopped Lokar from getting a large amount of Kairu by scattering it across the earth. Prior to Clash of the Kairu Warriors part 1 Lokar was under the impression that Connor was dead.

Ky Stax

After Ky bested Lokar in battle Lokar was impressed and has vowed to destroy him personally, and was also trying to blackmail team stax into collecting Kairu for him ("Black Kairu Gold Metanoid")

Cards in Lokar's Possession

Monster Cards

Attack Cards


  • Lokar is apparently well pleased with the Radikors but finds the Battacors to be annoying.
  • Lokar might have some connection with Maya since he has big plans for her and thinks highly of her skills.
  • Lokar has made thus far four appearances outside his castle - The Mask of Fire, Black Kairu, Gold Metanoid, The Redakai,and once in a flashback in The Kairu Diary and in the season 1 finally Clash of the Kairu Warriors part 1 & 2.
  • While Lokar is a villain, he seems to have a sense of honor as he respects the Kairu code. This bears some resemble to a variety of Anti-Heroes and in several other franchises:
    • Koragg from Power Rangers: Mystic Force. But Koragg was an Anti-Hero Lokar is an absolute evil entity
    • Pride, Green, Wrath, Scar, and Solf J. Kimblee from Fullmetal Alchemist all had a sense of honour. Pride well prided himself on his honour as a Homunculus.
    • Zeth from Dinosaur King always kept his word, such as releasing his hostages and returning Chop the Triceratops to Max.
    • Windell Barrage has a sense of honour
    • Kurama (the Nine-tailed demon fox/Kyuubi) had a ver strong sense of honour.
    • Slade from the Teen Titans comics had a sense of honour, and to a lesser extent in the Television show.
    • Lex Luther from Justice League has a sense of honour.
    • Lokar won't appeared in second season due to his seemingly death but it's revealed that he survived in The Darkness Rises.


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