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Master Atoch
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Biographical Information
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Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Family: Unknown
Friends: Quantus

Connor Stax

Enemies: Lokar
Occupation: Redakai Master
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Behind the Scenes
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First appearance: Tournament of Champions


Atoch made his first appearance in the episode Tournament of Champions. He served as the first judge to host a tournamnet with: Team Stax, Team Radikor, Team Battacor and Team Imperiaz.

Atoch also appeared in The RedaKai where the Redakai council were brought to a meeting. Atoch along with the Redakai council took Lokar down when he attempted to destroy them.

Atoch appeared in The New Warrior. He was seen at the beginning of the episode as a hologram. Then in a flashback with Ekayon. Ekayon told Team Stax of how Atoch brought him in and trained him to be a warrior.

He made a small appearance in Clash of the Kairu Warriors: Part II. He was seen nodding his head in agreement that Zair should be disqualified from the tournament for taking Ky's X-reader.

Cards In Master Atoch's Possession

Monster Cards:





Attack Cards:

Electro Cage

Lightning Storm

Slime Grenades

Hydro Hooks


Tar Balls

Sonic Boom

Smoke Screen

Bio Breath

Web Attack

Unknown green attack ( Zylus got this attack but never used it or said it's name)

Electric Crush


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