Maya Goes Bad
Season 1
Episode Number 2
Preceeded By The Fist of the Colossus
Followed By The Kairu Diary
Maya Goes Bad is the 2nd episode of Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It aired on July 9th, 2011 in Canada and on July 16th, 2011 in the United States. It is the second half of the two episode series premire.


The episode starts with Team Radikor standing in a circle of light. At that moment, Lokar appears and gives Zane the card Lokar's Shadow to use as they had been instructed as he disappears. Then it moves to a large maze where Team Stax is going through. While Ky and Boomer are getting impatient, Maya trys to get them to be patient but it is not working and they go off on their own. Maya, now on her own, finds the Kairu source but the Radikor's ambush her. She tries to fight them off with strength attacks but quickly runs out of energy and Zane uses Lokar's Shadow on her, which turns her to evil. Then, Zair claims the Kairu energy as Ky and Boomer come around the corner. They get ready to fight, but Maya speaks out and says she is joining the Radikors. They can't believe Maya is going with the Radikors but before they can talk some sense into her, she uses an attack and they escape. Back at the X-Scaper, Ky and Boomer tell Mookee and Master Boaddai what happened and Boaddai tells them to save her quickly as he senses Kairu energy in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Mookee's hair starts to grow extremely fast, due to his nervousness as he flies the ship.

Back at the circle of light, Team Radikor and Maya are waiting for Lokar as he appears and congratulates the team. He then gives Maya leadership of the Radikors (much to Zane's dismay) and they head to the Middle East as well. Meanwhile, Ky & Boomer are walking and talking about Maya when they are cornered by snakes. After escaping the snakes, they keep on moving. Meanwhile, Maya and the Radikors arrive at a pyramid where the Kairu is located. At the moment, Ky and Boomer arrive and just continue walking while setting off some booby traps along the way. Maya and the Radikors find the Kairu but it is locked and after the Radikors try opening it with brute force, Maya forces them to use mind power which opens the coffin and they get the Kairu.

Suddenly, Ky and Boomer appear out of a skylight and try to talk to Maya again but Boomer steps on a trap which takes out the floor, leaving them hanging while the Radikors escape. Boomer wall jumps onto the remaining floor, grabs a whip from the coffin and saves Ky from falling. They catch up with Maya and the Radikors and challenge them to a Kairu battle. During the battle, Ky says that maybe the solution is in Zane's X-Reader, so they knock him out and Ky finds the Lokar's Shadow card, which he uses on Maya which breaks her out of the spell. After coming around, she attacks the Radikors and wins the battle. After the battle, Ky and Boomer apologize for what happened and Maya accepts and they get the Kairu. Back at the ship, Mookee is relieved that Maya is back on the good side and his hair goes back to normal.

Back at the circle of light, Lokar is displeased that not only did the Radikors lose the Kairu but they lost Maya as well. He sighs, says it is of little importance and that he still has big plans for Maya.

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  • This episode introduces the main antagonists such as Team Radikor and Lokar.
  • This Episode indacates a connection between Lokar and Maya.
  • Clips from this episode were used in an internet sneakpeak.


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