Monsters fighting

Note: This article is about the species, Monsters, you may be looking for the card type, Monster.

Monsters are powerful warriors that wield the mystical power of Kairu in the television series, Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. They come in all shapes and sizes. Warriors can transform into Monsters through Kairu. The most powerful Kairu warriors join the ranks of the Redakai, a force dedicated to protecting the galaxy from those who would abuse the power of Kairu.

Known Monsters

  • Metanoid (Used by Ky Stax)
  • Gold Metanoid (Used by Ky Stax and Connor Stax)
  • Platinum Metanoid (Used by Ky Stax)
  • Fractus (Used by Ky Stax)
  • Riptide (Used by Connor Stax)
  • Palladion (Used by Master Boaddai)
  • Driquilar (Used by Master Lokar)
  • Chemaster (Used by Boomer)
  • Froztok (Used by Boomer)
  • Platinum Froztok (Used by Boomer)
  • Infinita (Used by Maya)
  • Harrier (Used by Maya)
  • Platinum Harrier (Used by Maya)


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