Also known as: N/A
Biographical Information
Signature Monster(s): None
Gender: Male
Race: Extra-terrestrial humanoid of the planet, Nevrod
Age: N/A
Hair color: None
Eye color: Orange
Family: Rynoh (long lost nephew)
Friends: Team Stax
Master Boaddai
Enemies: Lokar
Occupation: Mechanic and cook
Quote: "N/A"
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Cory Doran
First appearance: The Fist of the Colossus

Mookee is a character that appears in the television series, Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. He is the last known member of his race of people who once inhabited the planet Nevrod.


Mookee is an orange extra-terreestrial. He has orange eyes and a headset located near his head. His ears are long and thin with three whiskers hanging near his mouth. He also appears to be clad in a clone-trooper type armor from the media/film series, Star Wars.


Mookee was taken in by Master Boaddai, and shows his gratitude by offering his services as a mechanic and cook. Mookee is famous for his culinary creations, concocting food that is neither appealing nor edible. And while his various projects have sometimes lead to near disaster, he has proven to be an important member of the team and a loyal friend.


Mookee made his first appearance in The Fist of the Colossus. He was microwaving a green star shaped thing that he said was a breakfast treat from another planet.

He also appeared in Maya Goes Bad. He was relaxing until Ky and Boomer told him that Maya went to the side of the evil. At that point, his three hairs on his face suddenly grew out of control, saying that when people from his world get nervous, their hair growth accelerates drastically. After Maya was saved, his hair went back to normal.

In The Kairu Diary, Mookee is shown with rest of the group trying to figure out what to do for Master Boaddai's birthday when they pick up a signal from Alaska. He is next seen in his pajamas making "earth food" (pancakes) when they discover Ky left for Alaska to find his father. When Ky arrives back at the X-Scraper, Mookee tells him Maya and Boomer went looking for. After coming back to the monastery, Mookee reveals his birthday surprise for Master Boaddai - a funny dance, which makes everybody laugh very hard.

In The Cataclysm Stone, Mookee is shown that he wants to be a Kairu warrior like Team Stax and made a costume, calling himself "Turtletron". However, his suit has some technical problems and has to go fix it repeatedly.

In The Guardian of the Souls, Mookee was praticing on his electric guitar, thinking he was playing really well, while annoying everybody else. He drops the team off in Romania and is sad when he has to take Ky back for supposedly breaking the Kairu code. He also falls for Ky's trick when he plays his guitar again.

In The Valley of the Banyan, Mookee saves the team from their ice chamber by scuplting it and then breaking it. He later tells the team he wants to be a Kairu warrior and Master Boaddai gives him a training X-Reader with limited X-Drive. During the next mission, Mookee makes a lot of mistakes which cause Team Stax to lose to the Battacors in several cases. In the end, the Team obtains the Kairu and Mookee gives up on being a Kairu warrior.

He appeared in Neptune's Reef.

He also appeared in Black Kairu Gold Metanoid, with the idea of using Boaddai's favorite gong as bait

He also appeared in The Chalice.

He appeared in Farm Boy Boomer and can now make Boomer's Mom Biscuits & Gravy.

Cards in Mookee's Possession

Monster Cards

Attack Cards


  • Mookee has shown to have a lot of enthusiasm with everything he does as commented by Ky.
  • Mookee's favorite hobby is cooking, which he apparently enjoys more than trying to be a Kairu warrior.
  • Mookee does not appear in the episode Green With Infinita Envy.
  • Mookee's voice actor also voices Rynoh
  • Mookee seems to care a lot about the x scaper since he was extremly worried about it in the episode Battacor Blood.
  • He resembles Beast Boy from Teen Titans.


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