New RedaKai New Warriors
Season 2
Episode Number 6
Preceeded By The Escape Of The Imperiaz
Followed By Discovery Of The Kairu Cube
New RedaKai New Warriors is the sixth episode of season 2 in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It was first shown (in French) on Canal J sometime in 2012. The English episode first aired in Australia and aired January 19th 2013 on Cartoon Network in the UK.


In the beginning of the episode Connor Stax becomes a Redakai Master and joins the Redakai. Team Stax takes the new warriors in training, Team Tiro, for lessons. While everyone is sleeping Team Tiro go out on a mission alone. They run into Team Radikor and they get trapped in a mountain. Team Stax rescues the younger warriors and challenge Team Radikor to a battle. Team Radikor ends up loosing but reveal new monsters at the end of the episode.

Characters Seen

Monsters Used


  • In the UK, this episode aired in the wrong order. It should be episode seven, not six.
  • Connor Stax becomes a RedaKai.
  • Balistar says there is a manual where team Radikor is mentioned.
  • When Maya ambushes Balistar his eyes turn blue instead of brown.


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