Plot Of The Imperiaz
Season 2
Episode Number 17
Preceeded By Kairu Feud
Followed By When Dark Roots Take Hold
Plot Of The Imperiaz is the seventeenth episode of season 2 in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It was first shown (in French) on Canal J sometime in 2013. The English episode first aired on Friday 5 July 2013 on CITV in the UK.


We open on a fierce battle as Team Stax and Team Imperiaz fight over a Kairu energy deposit. Team Stax ultimately comes out the victors and the bitter Imperiaz are sent packing! Back at Lokar’s lair, Lokar is extremely disappointed. In fact, he wonders if he has much need for the Imperiaz at all anymore. Hearing this, Koz, Teeny and Princess Diara decide they need to step up their efforts and impress their Master or they’ll experience his ire for sure. As we cut to the mountains surrounding the monastery, we see Team Tiro out on their own having a fun kid moment. And when they get a distress call that sounds like Team Stax in trouble, they head out to help out their teammates. But what they quickly discover is that it’s a trap -- courtesy of the Imperiaz! Team Tiro is scooped up and carried away via a Paralysis Spray attack. Meanwhile, when Ky, Maya and Boomer discover evidence that Team Tiro have been taken by E-Teens, they immediately set out to find the vulnerable team. And when Team Tiro is able to alert Team Stax to their location, Team Stax quickly shows up – and battle the Imperiaz. That's when Diara comes up with a plan of her own. While her teammates deal with Team Stax, she decides to take the young trainees to Lokar herself and get all the credit for the deed. But when Ky sees this, he goes after her, leaving Boomer and Maya to battle Koz and Teeny. When Ky catches up to Diara, he decides to covertly use a Clone attack to replace the real Team Tiro with clone versions of them. As Diara thinks she’s won the battle, she rushes off to present Lokar with her prize. But as she stands before her Master, the clones disappear, revealing that she actually lost the battle and Team Tiro. Lokar is livid. Desperate to keep in Lokar’s good graces, Team Imperiaz plots to take off with Team Tiro

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