Princess Diara
Also known as: Diara
Biographical Information
Signature Monster(s): Knight Asp
Gender: Female
Race: Extra-terrestrial humanoid
Age: 14
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Family: Koz (Brother)
Teeny (Sister)
King Imperiaz (Father)
Queen Imperiaz (Mother)
Friends: Unknown.
Enemies: Ky Stax
Occupation: Redakai Warrior
Quote: "Obviously the Imperiaz choose the princess!"
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Teagan Moss
First appearance: The Guardian of the Souls

Princess Diara is the leader and the youngest of the Imperiaz E-Teens, a diva to the max, and a royal pain.


Diara and her siblings Koz and Teeny reluctantly fell under Lokar's control after he kidnapped their parents. She leads her siblings on various quests to find Kairu, often battling Team Stax. Diara isn't evil at heart, but obeys Lokar in the hope that someday she will reunite with her parents. Diara has a fierce temper and a wealth of natural Kairu skills to back it up, making her a dangerous opponent. But if the spoiled Princess had her own way (which she often demands), she would be back at her castle enjoying the perks of royalty.

Princess Diara's monster is Knight Asp with its animalistic Venom Blast attack.


Princess Diara is vain and self obsessed she always cares about her appearance and winning. she believes that her siblings koz and teeny sometimes forget

that she is in charge of team impriaz E teens and always reminds them. she also cunning and ruthless and hates been mocked by ky. Diara can get fed up of being told by lokar to get kairu energy.

Deep down along with her siblings Diara really misses her parents an is very scared of what lokar would do to them for example when team Radikor threatens they would tell lokar that teamed up with team stax to get there parents back she and her siblings had no choice but to return back to the dark side.


Princess Diara made her first appearance in The Guardian of the Souls. She was complaining about Romania and how she hates collecting Kairu energy.

She appeared again in The Mask of Fire, where she and her siblings went to Costa Rica but ended up losing to Team Stax and not getting the Kairu.

She also appeared in The Chalice.

She also appeared in Tournament of Champions.

Cards in Diara's Possession

Monster Cards

Attack Cards


  • Diara takes credit for the plans that her brother Koz and sister Teeny come up with.
  • All her attacks, so far, either have the appearance or characteristics of a snake.
  • Koz, Teeny and Diara are the only E-Teens that have confirmed ages by the creators. This was discovered in a Redakai pitch book.


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