When a Blog Post is Closed

Administrators, or the Blog Post's creator, can close commenting on Blog Posts if they break the Random Blog Policy, or could possibly/is/will become a flame-fest.

Sometimes, instead of closing the Blog Post, Administrators will choose to delete the blog altogether.

Old Blogs

If an old blog (over 15 days old) is revived, the Blog Post may also be closed, and the user who revived the Blog may be given a warning or a block.

Random Comments

If a comment thread becomes random or a flame-fest, then the thread will be deleted by an Administrator.

Deleting Blog Comments

If a Blog Post thread begins turning into a flame-fest or an offensive Random Conversation, the entire thread may be deleted by an Administrator.

How to Close Commenting

If you do close commenting, please place {{NC |text = (reason here)}} at the top of the page. It produces this:

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