The Redapedia Privacy Policy is to insure the safety of our volunteers. That is why:

  1. Pictures of yourself or of other people (with the exception of famous people, there's law in that) will be deleted on site.
  2. No giving out your exact location. That will also be removed on site.

Continuing to put up violations of this policy will result in a 3-day block.

The Privacy Policy requires you to follow a few simple rules, and these are:

  • Do not reveal your full name. Only your first name is acceptable, and it can only be revealed privately.
  • It is highly recommended that you do not share your age, unless you wish to and it is privately to a user you trust.
  • ABSOLUTELY do NOT reveal your address!
  • Do not reveal your phone number and/or cellular number.
  • Do not upload images of yourself or any other people, including avatars. (This rule does not affect Wikia Staff/VSTF/Helpers, as they clearly have reasons to do this.)
  • Do not reveal your Credit card number or banking information.
  • Do not reveal any other information that you would not want others to know about.


These rules are not here to bug you, they are here for your own safety, and are probably good to follow on any website of the internet.

Breaking the rules

Most of the time, we will have the information removed from the history of pages by staff. Sometimes, these can even lead to blocks to show you that these are not good choices to make.

Why should I follow the policy on the ENTIRE internet!?!

Not everyone out there is a nice person. Anyone could use the information to harm you, and this policy is to keep you safe. At Redapedia, we try to make your time the most enjoyable it can be, and the last thing we want to see happen is someone getting harmed. Thank you for understanding. If you still do not understand, ask an Administrator. They will explain further.

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