If someone gains access to your account and has violated our Policies, you are responsible for your account, and will face all blocks and consequences. The reason for this is because we have no actual proof if your account was compromised or not.

Side Note

The only way to not be affected by this policy is if another user proves that he was on your account. Also, if most of the Administrators agree that the user should NOT be blocked, this policy will not effect that user.

But wait! I was not at my computer when it happened! plz unblock!!! NOO!

We don't know that for sure. Also, we don't know if the person typing this is the one causing the trouble.

Tips on Keeping your Account Secure

  • Have numbers and letters in your password.
  • Make your password long.
  • Do not make your username your password.
  • Do not ever give away your password, not even to an administrator.
  • Change your password every few weeks.
  • Make sure your password is too hard for someone to guess, but easy for you to remember.
  • Do not make your password have to do about something everyone knows about you.

What happens if I follow the tips?

Your account should be Secure.

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