Also known as: N/A
Biographical Information
Signature Monster(s): Silverbaxx
Gender: Male
Race: Extra-terrestrial humanoid
Age: 14
Hair color: Dark Purple
Eye color: N/A
Family: N/A
Friends: Zane
Enemies: Team Stax
Occupation: Redakai Warrior
Quote: "This is gonna be easier than I thought!"
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Jeff Margolis
First appearance: Maya Goes Bad

Techris is a villian that appears in the television series, Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. He is a member of the Radikor E-Teens.



Techris's signature monster is Silverbaxx, with its animalistic Earth Slam attack.


Each team of E-Teens is equipped with at least one member who brings the brute force, and for team Radikor, that member is Techris. The youngest and most dependable of the Radikors, Techris hates being beaten, and avoids it at any cost. The only downside of his never-say-lose dedication is that he often does crazy things just for the sake of it, often to the detriment of Zane and Zair's immediate plans.


Techris made his first appearance in Maya Goes Bad. He was the last to attack Maya in Radikor's ambush of her. He, along with Zair, were really impressed with Maya's skill and preferred her over Zane as their leader. In the battle against Ky and Boomer, they were winning but after Maya turned back to the side of good, they lost.

In The Kairu Diary, he wanted to drain the supposed relic quickly and go someplace warm before Zane discovered it was an old X-Reader. He and his teammates later ambushed Ky and challenged him to a battle. When Ky falls, Techris is happy that Ky is gone, as Master Lokar wanted while Zane is displeased that they lost Ky's Dad's X-Reader. While they are looking for him, he spots Maya and Boomer first and Zane sets a trap for them. Later, Ky attacks them and they battle him and his friends. However, Techris and Zair are forced to surrender because Zane surrendered the battle to Ky.

In The Cataclysm Stone, he is sent along with the rest of the team to Mexico by Lokar to protect The Cataclysm Stone. He and his teammates are at first successful but due to the Stone's effects on them, they lost.

He appeared again in Neptune's Reef where he played a more major role, he led the Kairu Battle verses Team Stax. He and the rest of his teammates got punished by Lokar for breaking the Kairu code of honor.

He also appeared briefly in Tournament of Champions, where he and Zair cheered for Zane.

Cards in Techris' Possession

Monster Cards

Attack Cards


  • He really is intrigued with Maya's natural ability to sense Kairu energy.
  • He can spin himself like a helicopter blade at high speeds.
  • Techris's voice actor, Jeff Margolis also voices Koz .
  • It's revealed that he has purple hair in The Escape of the Imperiaz.


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