The End Of The Shadow: Part I
Season 2
Episode Number 25
Preceeded By The Spreading Of The Shadow
Followed By The End Of The Shadow: Part II
The End Of The Shadow: Part I is the 25th episode of season 2 in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It was first shown (in French) on Canal J sometime in 2013.


Ky, who has begun his quest to find an antidote to shadow Kairu, is soon met with a surprise -- when he discovers that Ekayon has joined him, determined to help. Meanwhile, Lokar continues to use his weapon to turn pure Kairu into shadow Kairu – for once the world is filled with shadow Kairu, it will make him all-powerful and destroy the RedaKai. Back at the monastery, Boomer and Maya realize that Ky and Ekayon are gone. They also learn from Master Baoddai that they will soon have a quest of their own to embark on. Meanwhile, as Ky and Ekayon continue on their journey, they soon find themselves in a faraway location. And as they make their way past various obstacles, Ekayon tells Ky about the legend of prism Kairu -- a mysterious form of the energy. Though Ekayon isn’t sure if it really exists, Ky thinks it may be just the solution they’re looking for. Next, we catch up with the Hiverax -- who, after losing a Kairu challenge to Team Radikor, have decided to make a bold move… and steal Lokar’s Kairu Cube! As they open the mystical object, it immediately transforms into a playing field -- and it is tournament time once again! And as Maya and Boomer are magically transported to the cube location (along with the RedaKai and Team Tiro), they realize exactly what their mission will be. Meanwhile, Ky and Ekayon continue on their journey. And when they eventually get to a mystical cave opening, they see a prismatic glow from within. Back at the tournament, after a pair of raging battles, Team Stax and Team Radikor both win, leaving Koz, Teeny and Princess Diara humiliated and Vexus, Hexus and Nexus devastated. But the Hiverax’s devastation quickly turns to fear... when Lokar shows up, demanding to know who dared to take what is rightfully his!!! 

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