The End Of The Shadow: Part II
Season 2
Episode Number 26
Preceeded By The End Of The Shadow: Part I
Followed By None
The End Of The Shadow: Part II is the final episode of season 2 in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It was first shown (in French) on Canal J sometime in 2013.


At the tournament, Lokar discovers that it is the Hiverax who have betrayed him. And though he’d like to take back the Kairu Cube and the X-Drive Palladion that is stored within it, the RedaKai say no. The tournament must go on. Furious, Lokar makes an example of the Hiverax – and “deactivates” them! Meanwhile, Ky and Ekayon step inside the cave… and find themselves face-to-face with a prism “guardian” creature. And with no other choice but to battle it, Ky and Ekayon enter the challenge of a lifetime! Back at the tournament, Maya and Boomer begin round two. And just when it looks like they’re about to be eliminated by the Radikor, they both go Platinum -- and end up winning the day and Baoddai’s monster! And when they give it to Baoddai and he returns to normal strength, we soon realize that Lokar is still determined to fight! So Baoddai challenges Lokar to a Master Showdown, fighting Lokar for the cube and for his monster, Drakilar! Back at the cave, Ky and Ekayon look like they’re about to lose their battle, when Ky transforms into Platinum Metanoid... and leads himself and Ekayon to victory and the Prism Kairu! Ky pops the solid chunk of energy into the center of his monster’s chest and feels its power! Meanwhile, Baoddai/Palladion ends up winning the epic battle against Lokar/Drakilar. But that doesn’t stop Lokar. He uses his inner Kairu to put his machine into over-drive -- causing all the world’s pure Kairu to begin being transformed into shadow Kairu! But before he can finish, Ky and Ekayon show up. Ky uses his newfound prism power to blast the shadow Kairu. And as Lokar disappears once again in a powerful blast of energy, the world’s shadow Kairu is transformed back into pure Kairu and everything is right in the world once again! Later, back at the monastery, something unexpected happens -- when a spaceship that looks suspiciously like Mookee’s crash-lands nearby!

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  • It isn't officially stated in the show that Team Hiverax is gone for good. Zane says "I would have shut them off myself" indicating that they could still be somewhere but they are disabled at the moment.
  • When Team Hiverax are shown to be robots we see red, green and blue buttons just above their eyebrows. This likely has something to do with how the three communicate and further shows how connected the three are.
  • This is the last episode in the series and there likely won't be a third season.
  • This episode was left on a cliffhanger. A ship similar to Mookee's crashes at the monastery; with this knowledge and hints in the show we can assume that the people on that ship were also from Mookee's home planet - Nervod.


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