The Fall Of Lokar
The fall of lokar
Season 2
Episode Number 1
Preceeded By Clash of the Kairu Warriors: Part II
Followed By The Rise Of Zane
The Fall Of Lokar is the first episode of season 2 in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. The French episode aired October 3rd 2012 on Canal J in France. The english episode aired in Australia early 2013 and January 11th 2013 in the UK.


It is post-tournament and our heroes have all returned to the monastery. And though they are happy about Ky’s win, they know there are more serious matters at hand. Connor reiterates to the gang that Lokar has not only collected mass quantities of Kairu, but that he plans on using it in an imminent offensive against them. And so, Master B sends Team Stax to Lokar’s lair in hopes of stopping him and commandeering the Kairu for the side of good. After evading a few obstacles, the gang eventually makes their way to the hidden room that Connor uncovered in Clash of the Kairu Warriors: Part I – determined to take the energy. But before they can, they are confronted by Lokar. While Maya, Boomer and Connor take on the Imperiaz, Ky goes head-to-head with Lokar. Just when it looks like he’s about to be defeated, Ky remembers the Platinum Metanoid he won in the tournament. But as he transforms into the monster, he quickly realizes that he can’t control it – and ends up firing an attack directly at Lokar’s Kairu deposit. Realizing the implications of Ky’s actions, our heroes rush from the lair. Though they’re able to escape in the nick of time, Lokar isn’t so lucky… as his entire lair explodes around him in a massive burst of Kairu energy! When our heroes head to Lokar’s lair to commandeer his Kairu, Ky accidentally releases the energy… and causes Lokar’s lair to explode!

Characters Seen

Monsters Used


  • This episode is the first to have the least amount of monsters ever used.
  • Conner joins Team Stax for the first time on a mission.


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