The Fist of the Colossus
Season 1
Episode Number 1
Preceeded By None
Followed By Maya Goes Bad

The Fist of the Colossus is the 1st episode of Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It aired on July 9th, 2011 in Canada and on July 16th, 2011 in the United States. It is the first half of the two episode series premire.


The episode starts in a rocky area where a young boy is running away from something. While running, he trips on a rock and lands near a X-shaped crack in the ground. Suddenly, he turns around and a large individual smiles and grabs him. While the boy is dragged away, the X-shaped crack begins to glow blue.

Meanwhile, the scene shifts to a forest where the X-Scraper is located. Mookee is by a microwave heating something up at 2500 degress. A lot of smokes comes out from the microwave and the alarm sounds. Ky, Boomer and Maya all hurry to the bridge, fearing an attack or the E-Teens. But the microwave then dings and Mookee says he was heating up a little breakfast treat from another planet. It is at that point that Ky and Maya notice that Boomer has a large zit on his forehead. They make a little joke of it while he covers it with his headband. Suddenly, their scanner gets a lock on a Kairu energy desposit in the South Pacific. The team then powers up the ship and they take off.

Meanwhile, it nows shifts to a nighttime scene where Bash and Rynoh are trying to beat Zylus in an arm wrestling match. Zylus is struggled but then tricks them and wins the match. When Bash says he is playing dirty, Zylus says he is playing smart. Suddenly, his X-Reader starts beeping and they find the same energy deposit and fly off.

Team Stax then lands at the island is looking around. Maya then senses that Team Battacor is on their way. They then arrive at a waterfall and they dive in and start swimming under the waterfall. Then come out at the other end, where everything is rocky. Maya then senses the Kairu energy nearby but also "full of suffering". Then, they see a large group of humans being treated as slaves by a race of stone like creatures. But before they can help out the slaves, Team Battacor arrives and they beging a Kairu battle. After a short fight, Team Stax is blown off by Zylus' Magnetic Tornado Attack. After Boomer saves them from the fall, Maya senses the Kairu energy but they are then captured by the stone creatures. They are then ordered to find the Fist of Colossus, which Maya says it is an ancient artifact. Boomer does not want to give in but Ky says they will anyway and they give up their X-Readers. Meanwhile, as they are being dragged away, Battacor looks on and Zylus says they still need to find the Kairu energy but before they leave, they are almost taken by the stone creatures. Zylus knocks them away and Battacor escapes.

Back at the digging site, Team Stax is digging but then the boy and a couple other people come up to Boomer and say that they have been waiting for him to save them, as well as calling him "Fuka". Boomer says they have made a mistake but the boy says he saw him use magic and he is the three-eyed warrior who will defeat the Gihox (stone creatures) and gives him a stone amulet. Ky and Maya joke about it while the boy and his family take Boomer away to honor him. Boomer does not want to but Ky says go with it for now. While they continue working, Maya senses the Kairu energy below their feet. Ky then taps into the energy and is able to levitate the Fist of Colossus out of the ground. The Gihox see this and demand the Fist be given to them but Team Stax disagrees with them. The Gihox attack but Stax defeats them easily. Then, the Gihox leader blackmails them with the family that was honoring Boomer. They have no choice and surrender. The Gihox then put them into a large pit and cover it with a large stone. They are running out of air quickly but Ky thinks of a way to combine their energy to remove the stone. They start to do it and it is working but meanwhile, Battacor is back. They take out the Gihox and start to absorb the Kairu energy from the Fist. At this moment, Stax escapes but can't fight Battacor without their X-Readers. At the moment, the boy comes and gives them to Stax. Then, they stop Battacor from absorbing the Kairu and they have a Kairu battle. At first, Stax is winning but Battacor comes back strong. But before they can obtain the Kairu, Stax comes back and takes them out. After winning the battle, the Gihox come back to claim the fist. Boomer then levitates the first and the Gihox run, making the slaves happy that "Fuka" saved them. Stax claims the Kairu energy and they leave the island with the slaves free at last.

Back at the X-Scraper, the Team is celebrated their victory. As Boomer touches his forehead, he realizes his zit is gone and is glad. Then, Mookee comes in with the breakfast treat from before, which now stinks. Ky, Maya and Boomer run away from it while Mookee grins.

Characters Seen

Monsters Seen & Used


  • Boomer obtains a Circuits in this episode, but never uses it later on in the show.
  • This is the first episode of the series.
  • This is the first appearance of Team Stax Team Battacor and Kairu Monsters


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