The Kairu That Time Forgot
Season 1
Episode Number 7
Preceeded By The Valley of the Banyan
Followed By The Mask of Fire
The Kairu That Time Forgot is the 7th episode of Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It aired on August 13th, 2011.


Ky, Maya and Boomer travel to the rainforest and are shocked to discover that they must retrieve Kairu from a reanimated pterodactyl. It all started out when Team Stax was flying in the Xcaper in the rainforest talking about how hot it was. Meanwhile the Battacor were looking for the relic when they lost the signal. Team Stax landed were the Battacor was and looked to see a huge chasm were Ky almost fell in and the Battacor turned up behind them and issued a kairu challenge and left before the challenge was finished.Team Stax was then roaming around looking for kairu when they ran into professor Knox who they thought was the Battacor. Then Mookee came out from behind the bushes because it was warm in the X-caper and was swooped up by a pterodactyl and carried away too a tree in a clearing. Team Stax then found Mookee and Zylus with the help of Bash and Rynoh slammed his head into the tree. Which just made the pterodactyl angry and flew away taking Mookee with it. As they came back to the chasm and were climbing down to get to the pterodactyl Professor Knox destroyed there only exit and sinking them in mud.The Battacor had to help Team Stax get out by using Zylus' Typhoon attack and Ky's Seismic Shake and Sea Creature attacks. Then Zylus issued a challenge claiming helping Team Stax was too much fair play for him. Where the Battacor lost by forfeited the match. We come back to Mookee who is lazily riding on the pterodactyl when professor Knox tries to catch it. Mookee then tells the pterodactyl to pounce on the professor and disable him. Then Team Stax takes just enough kairu so there new friend can live out his life peacefully.


Monsters Seen & Used


  • The pterodactyl came to life in this episode.


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