The Power Of The Imperiaz
Season 2
Episode Number 21
Preceeded By The Two Faces Of Ky Stax
Followed By Elimination Island
The Power Of The Imperiaz is most likely the 21st episode in season 2 of Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It was first shown (in French) on Canal J sometime in 2012.


With Lokar continually being disappointed by their performance and terrified that they’ll soon be unceremoniously “disposed” of like Team Battacor was, Team Imperiaz, led by a scheming Princess Diara, comes up with a bold new plan: steal Baoddai's supply of Kairu so that they’ll become all-powerful and can escape Lokar once and for all! And when they follow Team Stax back to the monastery after a Kairu quest – they (and the audience) are shocked to discover a way-cool passageway that leads from Baoddai’s sanctuary (thanks to a high-tech elevator that’s hidden in one of the monasteries stone supports that only Master B knows about) to a secret containment area below. And when Diara, Koz and Teeny get their hands on the energy and suddenly become super-charged, it’s up to Ky, Maya and Boomer to stop them and recapture Baoddai’s Kairu stash before it’s too late! Team Imperiaz, in an effort to become all powerful and escape Lokar for once and for all, make a bold decision to steal Baoddai’s Kairu stash!

Characters Seen

Monsters Used


  • This is the first episode where Ky, Maya and Boomer all use a Platinum Monster.
  • Koz mentioned team Battacor for the first time since they falled Lokar in the tounament in season 1.
  • Mookees model of Nevrods solar sistem bares some resemblance to Earths solar sistem.


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