The Rise Of Zane
The rise of zane
Season 2
Episode Number 2
Preceeded By The Fall Of Lokar
Followed By Arrival Of The Hiverax
The Rise Of Zane is the second episode of season 2 in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. The French episode aired on Canal J in France. The English episode aired in Australia early 2013 and January 11th 2013 in the UK.


When they discover the ruins of Lokar’s smoldering lair, Zair and Techris wonder what has happened… while Zane finds Lokar’s X-Reader and promptly declares that he’s taking over for his Master. Meanwhile, Baoddai sends Team Stax on a quest… and they soon find themselves in a forest, amongst a population of people who are living in the treetops. But all is not happy in their world. As of late, dark clouds have settled in the sky, turning daylight to darkness and threatening their way of life. But before they can figure out how to help, Team Stax has a run-in with the Radikor. And when they see Zane with Lokar’s X-Reader, they realize that, though they may have lost one nemesis, they’ve gained another. The teams launch into battle – and, though our heroes are victorious, when they go to collect the Kairu something unsettling happens: the gang’s X-Readers are filled with strange X-Drives that seem to have a dark, “shadowy” slant. They conclude that the Kairu that was released during the explosion at Lokar’s lair must have been manipulated in some way. And because Ky caused the explosion, he feels that it’s his fault that this “shadow” Kairu is now littering the world. And though Boomer and Maya try to comfort him, Ky now knows that it’s his responsibility to not only collect the “shadow” Kairu, but to find an antidote for it! When Zane discovers Lokar’s lair in ruins, he concludes that his Master has met his demise… and decides to take his place!

Characters Seen

Monsters Used


  • This episode is the second to have the least amount of monsters ever used.
  • This episode marks the start of Ky, Maya and Boomer wearing different clothing for this season of the show.
  • Zane starts to wear his new clothing in this episode. (a cape/cloak).
  • Ky is given a new X-Reader which is used throughout the second season.
  • This episode marks the start of the characters using and gaining Shadow Kairu X-Drives.
  • The Kairu that was released from Lokars lair is shown to have a chaotic effect on everything it merges with indicating it had been tampered with.


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