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My favorite pages

  • Zylus is no. 1
  • Maya is #2
  • Princess Diara is #3

My top ten things you need to know about me

1. i love redapedia

  1. 2. I can burn myself on a dishwasher

3. my cat hates everything because she is a demon.

4. I hate cats. a superhero

6. pie is the greatest human invention....ever

7. i dont think im big the rest of the world is just small.

8. my name really isn't meagan

9. basketball is the second greatest human invention

10. Zylus is my boyfriend

My personality and appearance

Im 12 just to tell you im 5'9" to be exact im sort of bossy in a sweet way if that makes sense i have 3 other sibling and im the second oldest but im the tallest.


Authors note: I'll be editing daily along with editing the wiki so if you want to comment about errors or things that you think should be changed go ahead feel free but if you don't like it at all please keep it to yourself.

Story: The Boy With the Green Tattoos

He was walking through the woods aimlessly while holding up his x-reader to get a better signal but everytime he would get a signal it would disappear. Then he would have to walk around aimlessly to find a signal again. Suddenly a bush rustled sending him on total alert but to his content it was only his wolf. The boy fished in his pocket for a very technologically advanced collar and wrapped around the wolf's neck. "Hello Dina" the boy said as he wiped off the collar.

"Hello Kraven did you find a signal?"

"No I didn't I keep losing it."

The wolf curled up next to her master and began licking his hand. Kraven was a tall inhuman boy with dark skin and green tattoos all over his body an face they looked like thick green lines and on his face it was a straight line under his eyes and in between them on his forehead were blocks all in a vertical straight line.He started looking around for a signal again. It was hot and sticky in the Amazon rainforest and to Dina's surprise Kraven didn't take notice."Kraven how come your not burning u—"There was a rustle in the bushes and both turned to attention a the possible hazard but all they heard was...

" Hey Maya you sensing anything over there?"

" Sort of Ky its faint though. Hey did you guys here something?"

"It's probably Boomer's stomach growling he didn't eat breakfast this morning." With that Kraven went to where the sound was coming from and poked his head in the bushes. From there he could see three teenagers, two boys and one electric-blue haired girl. Dina was trying to see them too but while trying to get a better view Dina pushed kraven down the hill they were watching them from and right at the feet of the strange people. Kraven looked up as he rubbed his back from the tumble all three teens were in defensive positions ready to strike. "Who are you and how did roll all the way from the top of that hill without hurting yourself?" The blond in the middle asked.

"I fell because my wolf pushed me and tha reminds me Dina get down here!" seconds later a white wolf toppled down from the top of the hill.

" Whoa what is that!" the raven haired boy asked

" It's an arctic wolf why?"

" Well because those live in, you know, the arctic?" the blond said

"Boom one thing at a time so are you an E-teen?"

"An E what?"

"An E-teen because you sure aren't human."

"Yeah I'm not human but I'm no E-teen I'm with Master Quantus."

"Really well I guess you're not deadly just keep your distance ok?" and with that the four teenagers walked through the forest. They all exchanged names introducing themselves Ky was the raven-haired boy, Boomer was the blond and Maya was the electric-blue haired girl. Kraven explained how his parents never wanted him and how he lived by himself untill he was 10 that's Master Quantus started taking care of him. Soon they group came to a clearing in the forest and on the other side as Ky explained were an E-teen team called the Battacors.

"Team Stax, I knew I smelled failure around here somewhere." their leader shouted.

"Really Zylus, are you sure that isn't you and your dumb jocks that your smelling?" Ky shouted back.

"So that's how it's going to be is it. kairu challenge!" Zylus said.

With that our heros plunged into an intense kairu battle.




"Clockwork!" Kraven finally yelled turning in a monster made out of intertwining gears with a key on the top of the head. After several minutes of attacks and monsters flying Team Stax plus Kraven came out victorious. The group left the clearing to search for kairu again not noticing that the Battacors had disappeared. "So how have you avoided the E-teens fo this long Kraven?" Ky asked. " Well I don't know how I did it myself." Kraven answered.

(Maya's P.O.V)

This is so weird I mean this guy just comes out of nowhere and Ky and Boomer automaticaly trust him. I mean he has a pet wolf for pete's sake! Whatever he'll only be here until the quest is over. End of P.O.V.

Maya stopped dead in her tracks "Incoming vision guys." she said. Then all she saw was an underground lake in a dark cave, with the kairu in it above water on a rock pedastal. When she came back to her senses she was being crowded around by Ky and Boomer, Kraven was yelling at them to give her space. Then she realized that Kraven was holding her up she immediately flushed red and jumped out of his arms. "Hey Maya are you ok that was pretty intense?" said Boomer. "Im fine Boomer just the vision was intense its underground near a lake the entrance is near."Ok Maya lead the way." Ky said giving Maya his signature smirk. Maya walked through the forest with her eyes closed trying to find the cave entrance.