• Dreamergirl3000

    So, hi! I'm Ari Cocodoro, a native of Earth (duh) and part of team Stax. Unofficially, but yeah. I'm tagging along for a little while. I am younger than Boomer, Maya and Ky, having turned 13 only this year, but that doesn't stop me from helping them out! 

    I use my natural abilities to help them collect Kairu all over the world, my lighter weight, smaller size, and more flexible mind. I'm a right brainer, so the otherssay, so i think of ways to evade traps, open a box, and solve puzzles to get a clue, so yeah, power to the right brainers! 

    If you're wondering how i look like, i'm a typical Filipina girl, long build, not so tall, but then not so short, either. I'm until, i think until Ky's neck or his chin? I don't know. Brown skin, dark brown…

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