Hey everyone, so this is my first blog post on here. I wanted to say thanks for being here to read this and I would enjoy your thoughts and comments about what I have realized. Ever watched or heard of Martin Mystery? Wether you have or haven't, there is one person who I think may be the voice actor for Mooke himself. Since the credits at the end of the show don't reveal who plays who, most of us have had to rely on sources from others. I might just have added a piece in. Here is the link for Billy, the green alien and personal secretary for M.O.M.


Now I noticed a couple of things he and Mookee both have in common:

  • Aliens
  • Currently living on Earth
  • Both are from outer space
  • Three agents/warriors on the team besides them
  • Both add a supportive role and at times, an active role on a mission (more Billy than Mookee, but there's a difference in seasons, so I'll let that slide)
  • A sqeauk if you will, that happens when they are scared
  • The shape of their eyes is similair

Different things-

  • Mooke is taller than Billy, and doesn't remain in a hovering craft
  • Mooke hibernates, none for Billy if I recall correctly
  • Mooke has fought before, unlike Billy, who swore off violence although he did fight in S2
  • Billy is more into science than mechanics

If you listen to their voices, you can tell that a younger Samuel Vincent is doing the voicing. Oh, and it was from Canada, so that is another small reason to believe there is a connection. So what do you all think, huh? ^_^

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