So I typed in google: The War for Kairu, since I knew this youtube user named Sheetal G. was announcing that there was a season 3 titled like that, but once I show this to you ignore what I previously said because:

Redakai: The Journey Begins

The website( claims it has to be played with a region 2 player.

But..... do you notice that they actually used the new character art they were going to use for Combine and Conquer??? (If you don't get it, look at the dvd image in the link, and search up Combine and Conquer on the redapedia here. Maya in the dvd looks EXACTLY like the image of the new character art in the Combine and Conquer page.)

Could it be.... A MOVIE AFTER SEASON 2??

Even if it turns out this is not important or false, I am hyped up about this thing! Did anyone else see this, by the way?

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