When Dark Roots Take Hold
Season 2
Episode Number 18
Preceeded By Plot Of The Imperiaz
Followed By Mookee's Mission
When Dark Roots Take Hold is most likely the 18th episode in season 2 of Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It was first shown (in French) on Canal J sometime in 2012. The English episode first aired on Friday 6 July 2013 on CITV in the UK.


During a battle against Team Imperiaz, Maya morphs into Darkroot and pummels the opposition with a series of crushing shadow attacks. And though Ky and Boomer try to stop her, Maya doesn’t want to – even after the battle has ended. Later, back at the monastery, Maya can’t stop thinking about the way the dark form of the energy made her feel… and she can’t help but to wonder about her deep connection to the energy. Realizing that there’s only one person who can help her find the answers she’s seeking, Maya sets out to find Lokar. And though she is extremely afraid, Lokar eventually convinces her join him in exploring all that shadow Kairu has to offer. Meanwhile, when Ky and Boomer realize that Maya has gone, they immediately set out to find her. Back at Lokar’s lair, Maya, overcome by curiosity and now under Lokar’s tutelage, not only learns more about the dark energy, but becomes even more seduced by it than before. And when Ky and Boomer eventually catch up to her, they become even more worried – when it seems that their friend has once again gone to the shadow side! But when Lokar discovers Ky and Boomer and sends the Imperiaz after them once again, it becomes clear to Maya what she must do – and she challenges Lokar to a battle! And though it looks as if Maya will be defeated, she is eventually able to use shadow Kairu to take Lokar down – leaving Lokar both shocked and delighted by his granddaughter’s prowess. But when Maya catches up with her teammates, she opts not to use shadow Kairu – which ultimately leads to Team Stax’s defeat against Team Imperiaz. Regardless, Maya realizes that it’s more important to stay away from the shadow energy’s corrupting force than to risk being consumed by it. She vows never to use it again. When Maya begins to question her connection to shadow Kairu, she seeks out the one person who can provide her with answers: Lokar!

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