The X-Scaper is a class starship, multi-terrain vehicle capable of interstellar travel. They are primarily used by


exploration teams investigating nearby solar systems. It is a relatively small ship with two living spaces and a small kitchen. Its greatest asset is its extensive sensor array that was originally intended for analyzing planetary mineral deposits, but Mookee modified the sensors to find concentrated Kairu deposits. One such ship was used by Mookee who was the sole survivor of an entire planet being destroyed due to Lokar attempting to seize the Redakai's vault of Kaiu energy.


The X-Scraper first appeared in The Fist of the Colossus when it transported Team Stax to the South Pacific.

It also appeared in Maya Goes Bad when Ky and Boomer went to the Middle East to save Maya from Team Radikor.


  • Its name is a pun on the word Escape.
  • Although it has appeared in the anime, it has never been referred to by name yet.


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