Zair (1)
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Biographical Information
Signature Monster(s): Cyonis
Gender: Female
Race: Extra-terrestrial humanoid
Age: 14
Hair color: Maroon
Eye color: Green
Family: Zane (Brother)
Friends: Techris
Enemies: Ky Stax
Occupation: Redakai Warrior
Quote: "You're not afraid to attack me, are you?"
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Katie Griffin
First appearance: Maya Goes Bad

Zair is Zane's sister and right-hand girl. She is smart and dangerous – an evil version of Maya. While she works well alongside her brother in battles against Team Stax, she isn't afraid to challenge Zane's authority, especially she thinks it will build herself up in Lokar's eyes. At one point, she comes to the aid of Team Stax. But is this because she is good at heart, or could it have more to do with the secret crush she has on Ky?

Zair's signature monster is Cyonis, with its elemental Lightning Strike attack.


Zair made her first appearance with Zane and Techris in Maya Goes Bad. She was the first to attack Maya in Radikor's ambush and was the one that was most impressed with Maya as the team's new leader. However, she was defeated with the rest of her teammates by Maya when she returned to the good side.

She appeared again in The Kairu Diary, where she and her teammates found an old X-Reader in the snow. They later ambush Ky, who was able to activate the X-Reader because it was his Dad's. Ky later battles them but he escapes. Zair then finds Ky's X-Reader, which he left behind, and all of his X-Drives unlocked, which Zane takes away. She and her teammates later battle Team Stax but she and Techris are forced to leave when Zane surrenders to Ky.

In The Cataclysm Stone, she is sent along with the rest of her team to Mexico by Lokar to protect The Cataclysm Stone. She and her teammates are at first successful but due to the Stone's effects on them, they lost. She was also the only member of Team Radikor to not be able to full transform during the second battle, due to her Kairu being almost drained.

She appeared again in Neptune's Reef.

She appeared in Tournament Of Champions.

She also appeared in Kairu Showdown


Zair's history is most unknown. However she might have once been a kairu student to master Boadai like her brother was. She has had a crush on Ky for a while as well.


Zair is a bit rebellious to her brother's athority, but is still very loyal to Lokar's. She has a bit more of a sense of honor for the Kairu code than her teamates as she is the only one who did not break to code during the events of Neptune's reef, however she later did break the code during her battle with Ky (though judging from her reaction it appears that she was unnaware of that particular rule).



While Ky and Zair are normally enemies she did once come to Team Stax's aid. Many fans believe that Zair has a crush on Ky but this has yet to be seen. However, in The Gauntlet of Lokar, Zair is trying to tell Ky what he needs to do to defeat them in battle by hinting. She also winks at him, and is seen blushing when he puts his hand on her shoulder.


Boomer and Zair are usually enemies. She did once come to Team Stax's aid, but this was probally for her own reasons.


While usually enemies, Zair was impressed and loyal to Maya as team leader while under Lokar's influence. She thinks that Maya was a better leader than her brother Zane. ("Maya Goes Bad")


Zair seems to be loyal to Lokar, why is unknown.


Both Techris and Zair prefered Maya as leader over Zane. ("Maya Goes Bad")


Zair is Zane's righthand. Zair is not afriad to speak out against her brother, and preferred Maya as leader to Zane. ("Maya Goes Bad")

Cards in Zair's Possession

Monster Cards 

Attack Cards

  • Cyclonic Attack
  • Vertigo Vapor


  • Her eyes somewhat resemble those of a cat.
  • Zair appears to be a skilled gymnast as shown in Maya Goes Bad when she tried to open the coffin.
  • Zair helped Team Stax get Lokar's Gauntlet from Zane in The Gauntlet of Lokar. This is the first episode where Zair appears to have a crush on Ky Stax. These events were posted by the creators prior to the episode's debute.
  • Zair's voice actor Katie Griffin voices Sailor Mars from the anime Sailor Moon.


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