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Zane Radikor
Also known as: Master
Biographical Information
Signature Monster(s): Bruticon


Gender: Male
Race: Extra-terrestrial humanoid
Age: 15
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Black
Family: Zair (sibling)
Friends: Techris
Ky Stax (Former)
Enemies: Ky
Occupation: Redakai warrior
Quote: "I have some revenge to take care of!"
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Lyon Smith
First appearance: Maya Goes Bad

Zane is a major antagonist in the series, Redakai: Conquer the Kairu.

Zane is the strong, devious, and temperamental self-proclaimed leader of the Radikor who claims to be the only Warrior capable of defeating Ky in a one-on-one Kairu battle. From the very beginning, Zane and Ky were students during years of their Kairu training until he tried to prove himself to be stronger than Ky, starting their ultimate rivalry which become more ferocious and dangerous between the two former friends.

Perhaps the only thing more dangerous than his ego are his Kairu skills as Zane proves to be one of Lokar's most powerful E-Teen warriors. He isn't afraid to play dirty -and often does- especially if it means victory over Ky and Team Stax.

Zane's signature monster is a Green Bruticon with its mechanical Anti-Matter Beam and Anti-Matter Saw attacks.


Zane is the most powerful E-Teen, a fact which goes to his head. Zane is very confinident in his own abilities and will go to great lengths to make sure that people know it. Zane does not take critism very well and appears to want to be recognized as a great warrior.

Zane has the ambition to rule the universe and is patiently waiting for an opportunity to seize it from Lokar's grasp and wants to become a Kairu Master/Redakai.

Zane seems to be to a certain extent insane and over the course of the series has been slowly growing more insane.

Zane once had a good friendship with Ky, and still respects him, but now holds a deep loathing for him and blames him for his exile from Boaddai's temple.

Zane often looks for others to take the blame for his mistakes and misfortune rather than taking responsibility on himself. For example, he blamed Ky for his explusion from the Monestary, even though Ky had nothing to do with it and ever since the events of Maya Goes Bad holds a grudge against Maya.

Zane is also very knowledgible about Lokar's history and powers which he studies in hopes of surpassing him. When he came into possession of the Gauntlet of Lokar he became notably more sociopathic and unstable


Zane is an extraterestrial from an unknown planet situated in 'the most dangerous part of the galaxy'. He is from an unknown descent with a sister who for some reason bears no resemblence to him.

When he was younger and around the time of the cataclysm event, Zane was a protege of Master Boaddai with his then best friend Ky, but got expelled for attempting to use a forbidden technique. Some time later he joined the side of Lokar and began hunting down Kairu energy with his sister Zair and Techris.


Zane made his first appearance in Maya Goes Bad. They were standing in front of Lokar when he was given Lokar's Shadow. He and his team later ambushed Maya and turned her over to their side with his new card. But when they arrived back at Lokar's location, he was "demoted" by Lokar and was therefore jealous of Maya, who became team leader. During the battle between Ky and Boomer, he was knocked out and Ky used his X-Reader to save Maya from the effects of Lokar's shadow. However, he purposely let Ky take his X-Reader so he could reclaim his old position.

In The Kairu Diary, he found an old X-Reader. They later ambush Ky at the old log cabin he and his Dad used to stay at in order to take the X-Reader, which was revealed to be Connor Stax's. They have a battle and win but Ky escapes with his Dad's X-Reader but Zair finds Ky's X-Reader and takes it. Later, they ambush Maya and Boomer and want to know where Ky is but they are ambushed by Ky instead. They battle and he uses Ky's X-Reader against him but loses.

In The Cataclysm Stone, he is sent along with the rest of his team to Mexico by Lokar to protect The Cataclysm Stone. He and his team are at first successful but due to the Stone's effects on them, they lost.

He also appeared in Neptune's Reef.

He also appeared in Tournament of Champions where he placed second in the Kairu tournament, losing to Ky.

He also appeared in Kairu Showdown, where he impersonated Ky with his new Imposter attack but was found out and challenged by Ky to a Kairu Showdown. During the battle, it was revealed he was once a student of Master Boaddai's, but because he used a forbidden attack, he was kicked out and therefore joined Lokar. He lost the showdown against Ky but vowed to take him down for good next time.

He also appeared in Kairu Visions.

He appeared in The Gauntlet of Lokar.

He appeared in Dream Team E-Teens as a member of the newly formed ragtag group of E-Teen leaders

Season 2

In The Rise Of Zane he, along Techris and Zair, found that Lokar's lair was destroyed. When they got to the top of the ruins, Zane found Lokar's tattered cape and X-Reader. He claimed these items for himself, described himself to be taking over Lokar's place, and forced Techris and Zair to serve him. When they fight against Team Stax later in the episode, they lose because of Maya's surprise attack. He falls off the cliff he was standing in. He is not seen till the end of the episode, when he swears that his loss against Ky was just the beginning of the battle: and that it would be a battle unlike Ky has ever seen before.

Cards in Zane's Possession

Monster Cards

Attack Cards


  • Zane does not take critism very well from anybody and is extremely jealous.
  • Zane is extremely impatient and would rather use brawn over brains.
  • Zane may have the ability of super speed, when he escaped from Boomer in Neptune's Reef.
  • Zane so far has done the lowest acts of any character in the anime, such as using the two signatures monsters of Ky and his father as well as impersonate Ky. Despite this he is also the most powerful E-Teen.
  • So far in every tournament Zane first faces Princess Diara and then looses to Ky. Zane was the only E-Teen to make it to the semi-finals of the Clash of the Kairu Warriors Tournament and was the runner up in the first tournament.
  • Zane is the only E-Teen to use more than one X-Reader.
  • In the French dub, Princess Diara calls Zane a 'lizard face' on multiple occasions. This is never present in the English version of the show.
  • Zane's voice actor Lyon Smith plays Hyoma in Beyblade Metal Fusion series.
  • Zane took over Lokar's place in The Rise of Zane until he was banished in The Darkness Rises.


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