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Biographical Information
Signature Monster(s): Magnox
Gender: Male
Race: Extra-terrestrial humanoid
Age: 15
Hair color: Prussian Blue
Eye color: Purple
Family: Unknown
Friends: Rynoh
Enemies: Ky Stax
Occupation: Redakai Warrior
Quote: "Nothing like a good Team Stax pounding to get your day on the right track!"
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Jason Barr
First appearance: The Fist of the Colossus

Zylus is the leader of the Battacor E-Teens in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu.


If this were high school, the Battacors would be the dumb jocks that no one wants to mess with. The leader of the Battacors is Zylus, the 'quarterback' with big muscles and a bigger attitude. He serves as the brains behind the Battacors (which isn't saying much), and often tricks his teammates into following his lead. He's confident to a fault and his self-assuredness can often lead to over-playing his attacks. Zylus is known to be the most vicious and deadliest kairu warrior.

Zylus's favorite monster is Magnox with its mechanical Magnetic Tornado attack.


Zylus's personality is akin to that of stereotypical dumb jock, albeit a bit more intelligent and without a sense of fair play. Zylus has little to no respect for the Kairu code, but under certain circumstances, he will follow it. Zylus is very proud of his and his team's actions, but will often take command of them by tricking his team into following him. His pride and ego lead to over confidence and is confident to a fault but his self assuredness can lead to overplaying attacks.

Unlike most E-Teens Zylus enjoys the challenge of getting the Kairu and almost missed Team Stax's interference, but would still take any 'free' Kairu availible.

After he flew the X-Scaper he had so much fun he noticibly mellowed out and has made a new ambition to take the X-Scaper for his own solely for the reason of flying it, which hints at a love for flight. Zylus also has a lot of fun with his team mates playing space ball, and is not above praising when Impressed.


Zylus made his first appearance in The Fist of the Colossus. He had just defeated Bash and Rynoh in a arm wrestling contest when his X-Reader got a signal for Kairu. He and his team later arrived in the South Pacific where they found and challenged Team Stax. On seeing Maya he tries to flirt with her but Ky's angry expressions stops him from doing so. But however, Team Stax got knocked out and they watched the Gihox taking them away. They later encountered the Gihox but he pushed them back. They later tried to claim the Kairu energy but Team Stax challenged them to a Kairu and lost.

He and his teammates also appeared again in The Valley of the Banyan. He defeated Ky to claim the Kairu in their first battle and his Team defeated Team Stax in their second battle, in both of these battles Mookee's incompetence led to defeat. However, in the third battle, he was frozen by Mookee's Paralysis Spray.

He appeared again in The Kairu That Time Forgot. Later in the Episode he and the Battacors were forced to work with Team Stax to escape from a pit.

In Black Kairu Gold Metanoid: Team Batticor discovered a relic with Black Kairu, with the help of the Batticors, and the black kairu Lokar captured Master Bodai. Team Stax later tricked the Batticors into leading them to Lokar's Lair where they guarded Bodai cell.

He also appeared in Tournament of Champions, where he lost to Ky in the 1st round. He than watched as Ky won the battle and was claimed as strongest team.

He appeared again in Battacor Blood. Where he and his team took the X-Scaper from Team Stax.

He appeared again in Farm Boy Boomer.

He appeared in The Return of Connor Stax.

He returned in Green with Infinita Envy.

He also returned in Dream Team E-Teens.

In Clash Of The Kairu Warriors: Part I Zylus and his team lost in a tournament to Team Stax and Lokar didn't want the Battacor as his warriors anymore, thus, he kicked them out. Now the Battacors location is unknown.

Cards in Zylus' Possession

Monster Cards

Attack Cards

  • Lightning Bolt


  • In the character card shown to the right, it shows Zylus' large hand on his right hand but in the anime picture below, it shows it on his left hand.
  • Zylus' large fist kind of resembles the hand of The Incredible Hulk.
  • Zylus keeps his X-Reader inside his large fist.
  • Zylus is really self confident.
  • The voice actor of Zylus (Jason Barr) also voices Tiger's Eye in the fourth season of Sailor Moon.
  • In one of the episodes he ended up helping the humans to get out of the hole just before they had to grow gills.


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